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Carl Plansky's style of painting can best be described as "gestural".  Plansky was born in Miami, Florida in 1951, and his childhood years were spent growing up in Baltimore, Maryland where he later studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art.  At age nineteen he moved to New York City and enrolled at The New York Studio School where he graduated and later taught.

After arriving in New York, Plansky met and worked with many well-known artists including Willem de Kooning, Elaine de Kooning, Grace Hardigan, Milton Resnick, and Joan Mitchell.  Recognizing the young painter’s uncanny ability for formulating exceptional colors in the manufacture of oil paints, it was Resnick who provided a mixing machine in exchange for Plansky’s oil paints.  The popularity of these paints within the New York art community led to the establishment of Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors for Artists, now recognized as one of the leading producers of oil paints.

Under the mentorship of painter Joan Mitchell, Plansky’s artwork flourished and it was during his several visits to her studio in France that he found his voice in his painting style. Upon his death in 2009 Larry Elder purchased the entire collection of art from his three studios and is making his work available through outlets across the United States. Complete details on the collection can be found at 

Plansky as a Young Man

Self-Portrait as a Young Man

La Tour Landscape

Dancer in Motion

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